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The hidden persuaders – Self images for everybody

This section was all about how a product can advertise it self to many people’s personalities and how certain images will help make the product more memorable.

I find that this is true as when you think of Compare the market.com you think of Meerkats and when you think of Cushelle you think of Kola’s. All of these products use a simple image that makes them stand out from the crowd but what this they are also doing is appealing to people’s personalities and likes.

Psychology would suggest that if you wear a certain brand it reveals a lot about your personality for example in the book one psychologist said “Now take the man who drives a Studebaker, smokes Old Golds, uses cream based hair oil, an electric shaver, carries a Parker 51 fountain pen. Obviously, he’s a salesman, an active man, aggressive in face to face situations and wants to make a good impression. Probably he was quite a romantic type in his youth” (Page 73 of the hidden persuaders)

This quote suggests that all of the products that this man uses reveals that he is a salesman and aggressive etc. I agree with the statement about wanting to make a good impression and aggressive/ romantic but I am not sure where the salesman comes from? Yes in the movies and in books this is what a salesman looks like but I’m not convinced this is true in the real world.


  • The hidden persuaders – Vance Packard- 1980 Brooklyn New York – Self image for everybody (pages 65-73)

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