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The hidden persuaders – So ad men become depth men

This section was all about how companies invest in psychologists to help them with their advertising campaigns.

One part that really intrigued me was that Dr Dichter had a mansion where he had children and families in rooms watching tv and then there were viewing windows so that people can observe them. I didn’t know that this sort of thing was actually real, I have only seen/heard of this in Sci-fi films such as X-Men. So to find out that this sort of thing was actually happening gave me a little shock. It almost feels like he was treating these people like animals in a zoo.

Another thing that shocked me was that companies were using psychologists to understand the best way for them to sell their products. For exampling understanding the mood a woman is in during their menstrual cycle. This makes me think that maybe nothing is left to the imagination in terms of advertising and that with the help of these psychologists they will trick people into a false sense of security to buy a certain product.


  • The hidden persuaders – Vance Packard- 1980 Brooklyn New York – So ad men become depth men (pages 46-57)



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