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The hidden Persuaders – And the hooks are lowered

In this section I was interested to find out that hypnosis can be used in advertising campaigns. This has got me thinking about the campaigns I have seen on TV such as Go Compare or Compare the market.com when I think of these two companies I either think of the opera singer singing ‘go compare’ or I think of Alexander the Meerkat.

Of course there are other campaigns such as Nike ‘Just do it’ or Tesco ‘Every little helps’. These slogans and images get stuck in your head but you will often think about these factors when thinking about these products.

This makes me think that maybe hypnosis is used in today’s advertising campaigns but we just didn’t know it? Also there is something else going on when you look at the advertising campaigns do you go to Go compare because you think the singer is funny? Or do you go to Compare the market.com because you like the Meerkat’s? All of these have impacted your decision and you may not have thought about it properly about why you are drawn to a particular company.


  • The hidden persuaders – Vance Packard- 1980 Brooklyn New York – And the hooks are lowered (pages 58-64)

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