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The hidden persuaders – The trouble with people

This section was all about how ordinary people think and their behaviours towards certain brands.

What was really interesting was the part when they had the experiment where there were three different boxes, a yellow, blue and a yellow/blue box and inside all of these boxes were the same washing powder. The results that these women had were very strange, why did they all come out different when the powder was all the same?

This could come down to the colour of the box but how do we know that the company didn’t use different instructions on how to use the powder? Could they have faked the results by using different instructions to lead the woman to the box that they wanted?

This all cant be 100% shown unless you do the experiment again but it has got me wondering how much are we directed to a certain product? Tesco own = cheaper or vanish = no more stains.

It all depends on what the costumer is wanting, yes the bright colours and patterns may draw someone’s attention but I still think that the customer knows exactly what they want.


  • The hidden persuaders – Vance Packard- 1980 Brooklyn New York – The trouble with people (pages 37-45)

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