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The hidden persuaders -Depth approach

This section was a real eye opener. I didn’t really think until now how much I may be manipulated as I look at the TV or I see a billboard etc. But this section really showed how much people are manipulated to buy the latest brands, this section however does not go into too much detail about how people are manipulated as I will find out in later sections.

But one thing that is said that has really stuck me is people buy things for the ‘promise’ for example buy this soap and we promise you will look beautiful. This is something that know I think about it I have seen used a lot, we promise a safe drive with this car or we promise excellent quality pictures with this camera.

It makes me think what happens to those people who have had these promises broken? How much faith are we putting into companies to deliver what we want?

All these questions are all valid but I really want to find out more about how these companies are manipulating us, I wont find out more until I am further along in the book.


  • The hidden persuaders – Vance Packard- 1980 Brooklyn New York – Depth approach (pages 31-36)

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