Coursework · Part 4

Contemporary awareness 4

Anderson and Low:

anderson and low

I really love the edginess of this work, it really makes you feel sorry for these Chinese gymnasts who have been training all their lives to be top gymnasts. This whole project was to advertise and document what it is like to be a Chinese gymnasts in China. I love the action and symmetry of this image as they do handstands on the beam. 

Andy Green:

andy green

I love the sense of humour in this image with the football goal keeper standing in front of a rugby conversion post with the Specsavers quote “Should have gone to Specsavers” this really draws attention to the image as it is funny but I think it will only attract people who are interested in sport and know the differences of the two sports.

George Logan

george logan

I really love Logan’s project on Football’s bad boys as it is a classic thing that we see adults do in professional sporting events, so to see children acting to same way as the adult football players really makes you stop and think are they really the best role models for children dreaming to be just like them? This picture in particular caught my eye as it is a typical thing that I see at non league football matches every week.

John Lamb

john lamb

These pictures of the sports stars really stood out to me as the lighting is beautiful and dramatic, this really draws attention to the product that is being sold in the picture. I love the football ones the most as they are dramatic and they really tell a story such as a celebration pose.

Jonathan Knowles:

jonathan knowles

Knowles is a completely different photographer from the other photographers I have just looked at because he is more of a product photographer such as Guinness beer, this is simple but effective and he really gets to the centre of what he is trying to achieve such as “Share a Guinness line out” and the picture has the beer standing in a rugby line out.




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