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Implicit and explicit


This advert is implicit as it just shows two older people smiling and laughing. You cannot tell straight away it is to advertise hearing aids.
This advert is Explicit as it shows the specifications of the Nikon D810
This image is Implicit as it shows precision parking with a hedgehog, that alone would not show selling a car.
creative-advertisement (13)
This image is explicit as it shows imagery and writing of home grown tomatoes used in Heinz tomato ketchup.


Widex is one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, these hearing aids to me have given me my life back after I lost a great deal of my hearing, I don’t think I would try another hearing aid because they are so good. The only criticism is that all their adverts have older people in and I’m only 21 years old so sometimes I do feel a bit ashamed for wearing hearing aids at my age. That is why for my own product I decided to show myself wearing my hearing aids, they are so small that you cant tell I am wearing any. My idea was to use the business catchphrase  “Widex dream, Your path to better hearing” this is to show the brand I’m wearing in my ears. This advertising is implicit as the message is indirect.


My second idea was an advert for the Nikon D4s this camera has been around for a few years now and I have had mine for a few months and I love everything about it, the 18 frames per second is great for sports photography and I love the fast processor. My idea was to do a take on the D810 poster that I looked at before but this time show some examples of what the D4s can do with a sequence of a sporting event, with the branded ‘I AM’ that is typical with Nikon. This advert is explicit as the message is direct and straight to the point.

nikon d4s



Boots hearing care special offers leaflet

The RPS journal February 2016





























































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