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Get your work seen

Alamy is one of the UK’s top picture agency who sell images to big companies and newspapers, they have over 10,000 different buyers. The quality of the images are exceptional so you need to be at your best to get a chance to get your work seen.

There are all sorts of images available on this website but the one area that I am interested in is sports as my dream is to become a professional sports photographer.

The photographer gets 50% of the sales, however they offer a 100% of the sales for students for 2 years. The process is really simple, you upload the images onto the website, Alamy then sell the images and then the photographer gets the money. Selling stock is a great way to make money as you just upload the images and then the agency sell the images while you study.

You can sell your images else where as well as Alamy and all the pricing structures are the same even if your a student or a professional photographer. The average price is $90 per image which is £63, the money goes up depending on what they are using the image for such as advertising or book.

These images are my original selection of this exercise, The black X are the images that I would like to select to send off to Alamy:


I have now been successfully accepted onto the website and I know have to wait until they refresh the search engines to begin to sell my work but that will be within the next 24 hours.

get your work seen alamy.png






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