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Target an audience part B

Who? Any Djokovic fans or young boys who dream to be like the player. What? new raquets and possibly a bag. How? By showing the world number 1 looking powerful with his tennis bag on one shoulder.
Head team 400x600
Who? any tennis fan or young tennis fans who dream to be like these top tennis players. What? They are selling new tennis rackets that are used for different approaches such as speed etc. How? They show top players with their names and skills under each picture and challnege you to think who you are more like.
Who? Djokovic fans and young boys who want to be just like him. What? they are selling their tennis racket. How? they are showing what the racket looks like in the hands of the professional and maybe suggesting you could have his power if you use the same racket as he is.

bags_promotion_landing analisedHead team 400x600analisedhead-tennisschlaeger-youtek-graphene-speed-pwr_00602203046000_1000-1000_90_7 analised

I think that HEAD’s target audience has changed over the years in some way because they are targeting to the children who may watch or play tennis today to get them interested in playing by using the top players in today’s tennis. But I do think that they would have used similar aspects before with other top players but I think that with today’s technology they can play around with different editing techniques to really make their product stand out.

This has really made me think about my own images for my final project, maybe I to can use creative technique to get my product stand out more?







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