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Research point: Contemporary awareness 3

Michael Birt:

michael birt.png

I really like Michael Birt’s images he seems to have spent a lot of time with famous actors or sports stars to really understand them, this in turns allows him to capture the real them, their personality which sometimes we may not see when we see them on TV or cinema. I particularly like Birt’s head sorts of the actors, this has given me the idea to maybe try something similar in my own project as it is simple but effective.

Oli Kellett:

michael birt.png

I love the use of colour in Oli Kellett’s work, the colours are vibrant and eye catching which really helps to tell the story of someone if you have a very colourful and fun person, this is something that I would like to show in my own project. The one thing that I find different to Michael Birt’s pictures is that he seems to know his models well which sometimes can be a good look but I think it depends on what you are trying to achieve at the end of the shoot.

Ali Lomas:


Ali Lomas’ work is a lot different from the previous photographers as he seems to only work with natural harsh lighting, he also focuses on outdoor locations and posing his models. I don’t particularly like this photographer because his style of photography is not my cup of team, I think that sometimes the hand on the face can sometimes work but sometimes it just doesn’t look right and it makes the model look bored. This is something that I want to try and avoid in my own images, as a bored model makes a very bad subject.

Joe McGorty:


Joe McGorty’s work really intrigued me because of his use of compositions and cropping in close to his subjects. You are usually told in many books and by teachers that you should have your model looking into space in the frame but McGorty has done the complete opposite and he was made them look to the outside of the frame which I am not too sure if I’m overly fond of it but it has intrigued me and I really want to experiment with this with my own images.

James Stroud:


James Stroud really interested me as he seems to like to take pictures while his models are doing something such as speaking. This interested me because I am interested in sports photography so anything about taking a picture of a moving subject really interested me but this picture in particular made me think of a particular idea that I have in mind for my final images where my models are doing something such as talking or laughing as I take the picture.






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