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Outside the studio – Mixed messages


Pose/ gesture: half between a stroppy teenager and a fed up typical house wife from the 50s-80s who smokes.

Clothes: a dress that looks like a teenagers but has a little cartoon on the front which suggests that it is a child’s dress.

Props: candy cigarette which you cant really tell its a sweet, it almost looks like a real cigarette.

Lighting: Natural lighting that looks like this has been taken late in the afternoon as the lighting looks harsh but soft at the same time.

Background: Someone is walking on stilts to suggest children at play and it is in a path, maybe this is Mann suggesting that children are growing up, with the child on stilts walking towards adult hood?

Meaning: Children in today’s world are having to grown up faster than is necessary.

With the title of the image you do look at the image in a different way, this is because you now know that the cigarette is not a real cigarette but it is a sweet which makes it feel less scary than when you originally look into this picture. If you show this image in today’s world I think that people would understand how scary this image is, it may make people stop and think ‘are we making our children grow up faster than they should?’ ‘have we stopped our children having a childhood?’ every where that you look in today’s world has super skinny models, children acting older than they actually are and being obsessed with fashion, music and money. Where do we draw the line and give children back their childhoods?


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