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The swinging sixties – research point

Terence Donovan:

The picture on the bottom left is of the comedian Norman Wisdom.

Pose/ gesture: head shot showing a iconic comedian.

Props: flat cap his characters iconic clothes

Lighting: looks like butterfly lighting due to the shadow under his nose but the rest of the lighting on his face is very soft.

Background: plain to make you look at the face longer.

Meaning: The typical character of Normal Wisdom but probably looks slightly older than when he originally did this character.



Brian Duffy:

The picture on the bottom right hand side is of the singer David Bowie.

Pose/Gesture: head shot of a character called Aladdin Sane, who Bowie wrote about

Clothes: Shirtless

Props: lighting strike painted over left eye

Background: Plain for the colours to stand out.

Meaning: Aladdin Sane and a hint of Bowie’s personality.


Norman Parkinson:

The picture on the top left hand side is of the Beatles.

Pose/ Gesture: 4 head shots side by side (almost like a typical selfie)

Props: none that I can see

lighting: its very hard to tell as their faces all look soft lighted almost as if they had stood by a window.

Background: looks like a room of some sort as you can see the joining of the wall and window at the top. But the whole image is so tightly cropped you cant really see a background.

Meaning: Shows the Beatles how they were before the drugs, it is a unusual angle on them as most pictures of them are usually serious but they are having a lot of fun here.



Angus McBean:

The picture on the bottom right hand side is of William Chappell.

Pose/gesture: Juggling balls with actors faces on, looking upwards as if to say who is going to win?

Clothes: Suit and tie to give the impression of an awards show

Props: Balls with actors faces on

Background: plain to help the balls stand out in the background

Meaning: maybe to promote an awards evening such as BAFTA or NTAS.


John French:

The image on the right hand side is of Jean Shrimpton.

Pose/ gesture: The pose is to show a woman with her curves, the cigarette makes her look similar to Audrey Hepburn.

Clothes: Long black dress.

Props: Cigarette similar to Audrey Hepburn

Lighting: halo effect on the background and then a sift light coming in slighting off to the right hand side.

Background: Plain backdrop with halo effect to make her really stand out of the backdrop.

Meaning: fashion style shot to make her look like Audrey Hepburn, maybe to say that anyone can look like her?



Cecil Beaton:

The top left hand picture is of the Queen, Elizabeth II.

Pose/gesture: Looking off to the side to give us a best overall view of her crown.

Clothes: Detailed dress, sash, broach, necklace and crown

Props: Crown, necklace, sash, broach

Lighting: The lighting is really soft so maybe either a window light or the photographer has used one light straight in front of the model.

Background: Plain background, this makes the Queen stand out from the background. It is simple but effective.

Meaning: Maybe a publicity shoot on the queen’s coronation to show people a different side to the queen.


Richard Avedon:

The picture on the top left hand side is off Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pose/ gesture: Looking straight at the camera to give you a sense that he is in charge.

Clothes: T-shirt, this could be to show him in every day life.

Props: T-shirt, make him look more relaxed and less formal.

Lighting: lighting coming from the top right hand side to cast a dark shadow under his chin to make him look more masculine.

Background: Plain, there is more contrast to this image.

Meaning: With the camera point up towards him, he looks almost threatening as if he is looking down on you.











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