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The swinging sixties – Exercise Jack Nicholson


When looking at David Bailey’s picture of Jack Nicholson, I see someone who looks like a comedian, I think this is because of the smile and the cheeky look in his eyes, he looks as if he has just told a joke to Bailey and is sharing the joy of the joke.

I have never heard of Jack Nicholson before I stated he was a comedian but after a little research I have found he is an actor and screen writer who has played the Joker from Batman.

I think that Bailey was trying to show Nicholson’s personality and I think he must have a wicked sense of humour with the cheeky look in his eyes. I really think that Bailey has achieved this well as you feel like you can see a real insight into this actor’s personality.

Pose/ gesture: Smile suggests the model is having fun on the shoot and shows personality.

Clothes: Suit and loose collared shirt.

Props: Suit

Lighting: Rembrandt lighting, you can see this because one side of his face is completely in the shadows.

Background: Plain this draws you into his face.

Meaning: Showing the actors personality or showing the Joker from Batman.




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