Coursework · Part 3

Portraits without people



Personal characteristics:


My personal characteristic is, me being deaf, not many people know that I need hearing aids to be able to hear. As my hearing aids are so small is also isn’t very obvious that I am wearing hearing aids so I’m pretty glad at that as I don’t really want to be treated any differently to a normal person.

Public side:


My personal side is a photographer as when I’m out and about I always have my camera on me and I am always photographing different events such as football or tennis so this side to me is very public.


Personal characteristics:


My mum has an illness called ME which means that she has to take a lot of medication to deal with the many symptoms that this illness can cause, not many people understand this illness and they don’t know how hard it is for the person that has to deal with this illness every day.

Public side:


The very public side to my mum’s illness is the fact that she cannot walk unaided, when she has to walk short distances she has to walk with a walking stick but when she has to go out for longer distances she has to use a wheelchair, this is the side of my mum’s illness that many people see and sometimes understands.

Overall thoughts:

I found this exercise hard because I don’t have any friends who live in Clacton and I don’t work with anyone so I had to use myself and my mum for the two sets of groups. I think that it is possible to produce a meaningful portrait of someone without including them in the subject but sometimes it could be easier to include the subject, for example for my mum’s personal characteristics I could have included her hand on a walking stick as she has to walk with a stick due to her illness. But as I couldn’t include her in the picture I had to look for alternative ways to show mums illness without including her in the picture.


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