Coursework · Part 3

Project: The basics of portraiture – The night watch

The night watch is an interesting picture because of the use of light. In the painting everyone is in the dark except for Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenbruch who are in the light, this automatically draws your eyes towards these two main characters. They are also wearing fancier clothes than everyone else in the picture which tells the story that they are higher up in the army than everyone else. You can tell that they are in the army because they are surrounded by people carrying weapons and there are army flags in the background which suggests that they are in the army, the coloured belts would have been for people to tell how far up in the army that these two characters are.

The pose that they are in suggests that they are in the middle of a conversation just before they go off to war, they could be discussing battle plans ready to tell the rest of the platoon who are behind them getting ready to head off to battle. One person in particular who is capturing my attention is this little girl in the light, this could be a daughter of the main characters but I cannot see the reason why she is in the middle of all of these men preparing for war?

To recreate this lighting effects in the photography you wound angle the light slightly about the main subjects to produce this light that seems be singling them out and them you would use a reflector to bounce the light back into the faces so you are able to get detail and story out of the faces. See diagram below:

lighting diarame


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