Coursework · Part 3

Project: The basics of portraiture – A self portrait

What I think of myself:

There is not a lot I can say about myself, I am 5ft 4 I have short brown hair and I have blue eyes. I also wear glasses and hearing aids. I love reading all sorts of genres but my favourite is Sci fi and comic books such as Doctor who or The Flash, I love to play tennis and watch/ photograph sports. I am a Christian and I worship at a Baptist church, I am shy and I suffer with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety so I am continually hard on myself and I am always panicking and stressing over everything sometimes I feel like a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde as I will hide my real self in a way to protect myself from getting hurt again. I don’t follow fashion and my fashion sense is a little odd, I don’t have many friends.

What my friends think of me:

Hannah: “I would say your strengths are that you have such a great eye for detail in photographs, you are able to really capture moments to their fullest, and have a great passion for what you do which I think is a great strength as it helps in your work. Weaknesses I would say is that you should have more confidence in yourself for your work; you have an incredible talent and should definitely be proud of yourself”

Lilly:   “I see you as a quiet individual with a strong personality and don’t take this as an insult but you’re like a puppy, you like to make people happy and you’re an amazing friend”

Some of the things my friends said about me was a bit of a shock if a little confusing but as I took the pictures I was photographing someone completely different. With my mental health problems I don’t often strip everything too much in the fear that I may become harder on myself but all the pictures show the same person but what I know I do, as I already stated, I some times feel a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character and I hide my real self and real feeling from my friends and other people in the fear I get hurt again.


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