Coursework · Part 2

The notion of self research point

Barbara Kruger:

Kruger’s work is very interesting artist because some of her images are very much a self motivational poster; could this be because Kruger needs to motive herself because she has low self esteem?

Some of the pictures are very apt for today’s world such as the ‘you are beautiful’ picture. In today’s world it feels like there is a pressure on woman to look a certain way and they result to a lot of surgeries to fix the ‘problem’.

Rachel Stone:

Kruger’s images are very interesting as she shows what woman either go through or are perceived by men such as always on the phone etc. Could Stone have been going through some of these at the time of the pictures being taken? Or could she be showing the typical serotypes of how woman are perceived.

Both Stone and Kruger both have one thing in common that they both seem to show something that they are either going through or what the typical stereotypes of woman are in that particular time era.


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