Coursework · Part 2


Geek – true to me but for other people not true as they may not wear super hero t shirts and wear glasses
Depression – true emotion as you can be down a lot
Deaf – Not true because it deafness is not because they are not hearing on purpose it is because they can’t hear

Peoples responses:

  1. The last one I think is not hearing something a person doesn’t want to hear. I’m not sure about the other two
  2. I’m not sure what all the emotions are but I think the real representation is the first one
  3. …disbelief and refusal to listen, representation First one head in the hands
  4. Would say first is upset emotion, second is fed up emotion? And third id say either don’t want to hear or too loud. And the one that I’d say is real representation of  stereotype is the first

This assignment is pretty hard because there are some stereotypes that I do not want to approach because of my own personality and beliefs. I chose these ones because they are all what I have been called, accused of or going through. I have been accused of being a geek because I wear glasses and a super hero t shirt but not everyone who is a geek wears these. I am deaf and I have been accused of not listening on purpose and I have depression and can feel down and alone.


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