Coursework · Part 2

Research point on photography and Feminism

Hannah Hoch was around during World War 2 and she used different faces from different magazines to create a different look to someone’s face. Her work is stunning in the fact that you get the feeling that she thinks that everyone around her is fake, and in Nazi Germany I could really see this being her theme.

Tamara de Lempicka is an interesting artist as she has a completely different style, one of which she planned as the quote on her homepage of her website was that she didn’t want to copy anyone, she just wanted to make a brand new style. She moved around quite a lot during her life and I think that all the cultures she experienced would have helped develop her style, she mainly focused on woman from what I have seen of her work and I think that was to get women in the public eye.

Frida Kahlo is a very interesting artist because of her past. She dealt with mental and physical problems as well as a troubled marriage. The one constant in her light was her love of painting. She often used herself which I think really helps people to see the mental problems she was going through at the time and you can really connect with her through her paintings

I think that the quote “I have had to go to men as sources in my painting because the past has left us so small an inheritance of woman’s paintings that widened life….before I put a brush to canvas I question, “Is this mine? Is it all intrinsically by myself? Is it influenced by some idea or some photograph of an idea which I have acquired from some man?” is really interesting because I to have had a similar thought with my own photography, have I been influenced by another person’s idea? I have found that it is not always best to concentrate on this as quite a lot of photography or art has been done now but I should concentrate on creating my own style and be true to myself by doing photography to the best of my ability. I hadn’t thought of myself being anything other than equal with male photographers before this project and I think it is not a healthy thought to focus on not being an equal photographer to male photographers.


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