Coursework · Part 2

Research point: Contemporary awareness 2

Jose Ramon Asi:

Jose’s images are really interesting as they are just a series of different plants in different locations. The images themselves almost look like paintings because of the way they are set out but I cannot find where this artist has decided to do a series on plants other than they find them an interesting subject to paint or to take pictures.

Gregory Crewdson:

Gregory’s images are interesting because the title of the project is ‘Sanctuary’ and in the actual pictures themselves they have this sense of danger in them and it is hard to see why Crewdson thought that these locations were considered to be a sanctuary. I think the main danger feeling in this picture is the fact that there is no one in the picture or any sense that there is any life there at all.

Alexander Gronsky:

Gronsky is a very interesting photographer as you cannot tell in his reconstruction 2013 project if the people in the pictures are actually humans or they are action figures at first until you get to the group shot at the end. You also can’t tell which war this reconstruction is from but I think it may be World War 1.


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