Coursework · Part 2

Everyday icons

My idea for this exercise would have been a picture of a  cut up female sanitary towel and a picture of Parliament to show the tampon tax which is discriminating against women. So as it is too expensive to waste a sanitary towel due to it being considered a luxury I have decided not to do this picture as I don’t want to waste money destroying something that to woman is an essential!

I also cannot complete the second picture because the view on feminism does not extend any further than the tampon tax because I have grown up in a world where men and woman are equal so I have no reason to have a view on feminism.

This whole project has been very hard for me as I try really hard not to focus on stereotypes due to the amount of bullying I had to deal with when I was at school and I don’t really find feminism interesting in the fact I have never experienced it myself other than with the tampon tax. To think that I am not equal to a male photographer is not healthy and I would rather see myself as an equal and fight for what is important and that is the standard of imagery.


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