Coursework · Part 2

Artistic Styles

Mental health

For me I think that it is very important to discuss mental health problems because in the past I myself have had problems with mental health problems with depression and anxiety issues. There are all sorts of different mental health problems that people may not have known before, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Postnatal depression
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

And there are many, many more different mental health problems. With dealing with some of these problems myself I know how hard it is for people to talk about it and admit that you have a problem. With depression it can feel like you are falling down a bottomless well and you just keep falling and when people try and help you are trying to grab hold of that help but they are always just that one step too far from you.

Constructivist image:constructivist

Not the best image but this is the only picture I could think off to show how I expressed what it is like when struggling with depression. The editing is a bit off and the colours don’t match up but if I had longer time I could have played around more with the colour of the image.

Surrealist image:


With this image I wanted to show the reality of depression from someone else’s position. I affect the issue as the model (if they had depression) would have maybe looked slightly more down and they may not actually be outdoors.

Conceptual image:


I wanted this image to have a step forward to the previous image and show more of a reality to depression and turning the image into black and white meant that I could draw more out of the emotion of the image as well as using a beauty dish to turn the lighting more dramatic.



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