Research point: Contemporary awareness 1

Brent Stirton:

I love everything about Brent’s project called ‘Wounded veterans sports rehab’ I love the face that he documented what they could do and not what they can’t do and with all the images you can’t help but show some respect to these wounded soldiers. What makes him different to the other photographers is he shows the reality for these soldiers, he doesn’t fear away from showing the pain that these brave people g through, he doesn’t sugar coat the suffering and the pain but he does show the courage, bravery and the comradeship of the wounded soldiers which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with this project, and I don’t think that it matters where this photographer falls in social documentary-photojournalism as I think he has documented their rehab well and I would love to see what these heroes are doing at the moment, are they part of the Paralympics?

Steve McCurry:

I think that Steve McCurry’s strength is showing colour and texture in a certain theme such as the Buddhism project. I think that what makes him different to the other photographers working in a similar genre is the fact that he works with colour and texture a lot rather than the cliché suffering or telling a story. He finds beauty in nothing which is what makes him interesting but I love the fact that he uses bright colours as this is what really makes you drawn to his work. I think that McCurry falls in a street photography spectrum as he does not seem to pose his subjects as with some of the other photographers I have looked at.

Melanie Dornier:

This photographer’s project called ‘punch my face’ is really interesting as it shows the day to day life of the first ever Indian female boxer. I love the story that this photographer has shown with the images and it is fascinating to look at as it seems like the boxer has to juggle raising her children as well as living her dream as an international boxer. I think what makes this photographer different is that she shows some aspects of being a female boxer but it feels like this is only a small part of what happens as the photographer has not shows her losing or many emotions from the female boxer. It feels like this photographer is being a fly on the wall which is completely different to the photographers I have already looked at.

Luc Delahaye:

This photographer’s projects of war are horrific to look at and it reminds me of Robert Capa’s images. This photographer is completely different in the fact that they haven’t hidden away from showing the horrific images such as a soldier dead in a ditch. It is in these images that I have no idea how the photographer could just take the picture and not go and help the person.

Briony Campbell:

This photographer’s project called ‘The Dad Project’ is very heartfelt and I love the way that the photographer feels to be in all of the images but sometimes may not be physically there. I think that is what makes this photographer different to the other photographer’s because she has let her emotions come into play in the pictures, with the other photographers it feels like the camera is their shield but with Campbell it feels like she has taken down that shield and she has given the world the look in to how she was feeling during this hard time.


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