Exercise – Shooting from the hip:

In a cafe in Norwich Cathedral:

HRF_3127 HRF_3129 HRF_3133 HRF_3135 HRF_3136 HRF_3138 HRF_3139 HRF_3144

These pictures were taken in a cafe in Norwich Cathedral. I don’t live in or near Norwich but this is the closet city to me. I shot from the hip with all the images except for the last image where I placed my camera on the table on a timer and went to cue up for dinner (I am the one on crutches and I left someone in charge of my camera).

I think what makes the successful images work well is the fact that you get peoples real impressions and a sense of real life in this cafe. I decided to do a cafe because it meant I could sit down rather than stand as using a camera while on crutches is very hard.

I found shooting on the hip in the cafe really easy as because there was a lot of noise no one could hear the shutter so I didn’t feel as nervous as I did in the other location. I didn’t edit any on the images so it is all truthful but I did change the focal length and unfortunately I did forget at times and I did chop a few people’s heads off.

Norwich Cathedral:

HRF_3153 HRF_3175 HRF_3169 HRF_3168 HRF_3164 HRF_3163 HRF_3160 HRF_3159

My second location was inside Norwich cathedral, this was a lot harder because the shutter was really loud and people were staring at me, another problem was that I was on crutches so I was already a magnet for people to stare at me, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

As a location the images tell a story of the activity that happens from day to day in the cathedral. I didn’t edit the images so they are truthful but unfortunately while I was leaning on the crutches I found it hard to hold the camera straight, hence why there is a slope in the images.


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