Exercise – The journey

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These images were taken from a project I did a couple of years ago at college. I have used these images from this project because unfortunately I have torn the main ligament connecting my ankle and foot, the hospital have advised me to rest and walk on crutches so doing this project would have been too hard for me to do on crutches and I wanted to keep up to date with my coursework so I can still keep to my project deadline.

My idea for this project was to visit Flatford Mill, this was the first time I had visited the location and I wanted to document my journey from country roads, walking around the main lake where the famous Hay Wain (John Constable) was painted and then the journey home through Dedham and just before we hit the main road home.

I took influence from Lee Friedlander who travelled around America by car and took pictures from his car window, including the car wind mirror. I think that this project was successful in documenting my journey and showing what I have seen on my journey, I would like to update this project as this was taken 2 years ago my photography skills have changed a lot and I have also switched from shooting in JPEG to RAW to give me a higher quality of image so this would be interesting to take similar images just to see how far my skills have come in 2 years.


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